• Not California

    Not Cal Clothing is a brand based out of Arizona with a simple meaning. We do not hate California or it's refugees that come to our state (or others like ours) we just love our state and what it means to live here.

  • Our Process

    We use a local print shop for all of our products, and they are done in relatively small batches. This means we can control quality and ship products quickly; we just might not always have your size in stock. Just know if we run out, we will be working to restock as soon as possible.

  • Our Designs

    We are always on the hunt for new products to put up and will get them added as soon as we can. We have a few state flags we are incorporating into our logo that we know people in those states would like, but if you are in a state that we do not have yet, hit us up so we can get working on your design. sales@notcalclothingco.com